Welcome to Fresh Start Cooking, the cookery course that is healthy, tasty and fun.  I am Emma and I am hoping you will decide to come on the course and change your cooking and eating habits for good. The aim is to send you home as a capable confident cook.  You may think this is a tall order, in just four days, but we will cover all the skills you need to produce delicious staples and even some more complex dishes.  Never again will you be tempted by a ready made lasagne or that take-away menu lurking in the hall.

I love cooking and I love food and I want to pass on this love and enthusiasm to you.  In four days in my domestic kitchen you will learn all the basic techniques and skills you need to enjoy delicious home-cooked food for the rest of your life.

The course takes place in France where the art of fresh everyday cookery has never been lost.  Here in the depths of the foodie countryside you will get your fresh start inspiration and take it home with you.Local French Produce

So if you know you want to change your cooking and eating habits, but don’t really know where to start, then start here. I am really looking forward to meeting you and showing you how easy and lovely it can all be.



My Foodie Guidelines

Eat fresh food

Avoid nasties that you get in packets and your food will taste better too.

Eat delicious food

Amaze yourself with delicious food cooked by you which is so satisfying you find you eat less.

Keep things simple and enjoy the cooking

Slow food, simple food, clean food - call it what you will - the main message is cook food that is utterly lovely and enjoy it

Cooking and eating is a sociable activity, so chill out, relax and take pleasure

Local French Produce       Local French Produce Local French Produce